Meet Nick Lauwers

Nick Lauwers is a mental health therapist by trade – providing individuals and families with effective support, therapy and counselling. In his work, Nick manages 
significant contracts and also works with the Concurrent Disorders Unit (Mental Health and Addictions) at St. Joseph Hospital’s West 5th. He has worked effectively in multi-disciplinary and allied health teams.

Nick grew up in rural Ontario and hasn’t forgotten the values and principles of hard work, family and community instilled in him at a young age.

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A New Team for 2018

Nick understands the priorities of young families in our community: faster commute times, fixing the hydro mess and dependable health care when we need it. Drawing on the talents of his work, Nick has a natural ability to listen, learn and act to provide care, compassion and help. These are qualities that will serve us well in our next MPP.

Nick knows that the best way to defeat the Wynne Liberals is to outwork them. In his run for school board trustee in 2014, Nick knocked on thousands of doors – this is how you win and hear what voters are saying.

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